By Gazey Umweni, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

I am a first year student on the MEd Counselling course.

My first day at Homerton College brought back memories of my first day at secondary school.  Although there were familiar faces (I am not entirely new to the Faculty of Education), embarking on the MEd course is a huge milestone on my journey.

All students gathered in the auditorium for a welcome speech and an introduction to Homerton College (my home for the next three years). Although full of excitement I also felt nervous.

Homerton’s motto is “Respice Finem”

Look to the end.

Make your life count.

Do whatever you do cautiously.

Consider the consequences of your actions.

Gazey Umweni

Well, safe to say coming to Cambridge University I had to count the cost.  Now that I am here, I must look ahead, cautiously consider my actions and make the next few years count.

One of our induction talks was to assure us all. We are not imposters but rather individuals who have earned their place.  As I sat listening, I smiled (she read my mind).  Although I knew fully well that I had earned my place,  I felt like an imposter.  I looked around the room and noticed there were only 4 other black students. This led to writing the  poem below :

An Imposter?

 Am I an imposter?

No, I am not an imposter but an observer. Looking, making mental notes and trying to keep steady.
I pinch myself and ask is this real?
I know it’s been a journey and a half however, there is excitement all around me.
I am caught up in the mighty flow of energy, euphoria and expectation.

Am I an imposter?
No, I am not, and yet I have been caught up and swept into the river of hope.
I look around, there is some diversity. Curious learners ready to make a start.
Overwhelmed by a sea of people keen to leave their mark.

Am I an imposter?

No, I am not an imposter.  I am simply carrying the flag of hope.  The flag of privilege and feeling totally blessed. “l belong here” I say to myself.
No doubt about it, I have earned my place here.
I take in a deep breath. 

 An imposter?

No, I belong here with my shiny, mahogany, sun-kissed skin. Feeling elated and proud.
I have taken my position on this stage.
A journey into the unknown with my fellow travellers side by side.
Accepted, respected and valued.

 An imposter?

No! With both hands I receive my destiny.
An opportunity to stand still for a moment, take stock and fly.
An opportunity to sow a seed and grow in this fertile soil.
An opportunity to embrace all that comes.
An opportunity to be who I want to be.
An opportunity to make my life count
An opportunity to shine,
No imposters here.

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