On Nov. 4, 2019 the FERSA blog editors asked our followers on Twitter to participate in the #FERSAResearch Challenge: to explain their research in five keywords or one image. What we’ve learned since issuing that challenge is that, not only does our faculty have a very wide range of fascinating topics being explored under the broader umbrella of “education research,” but also, common interests and connections can be found in unexpected places. Take a look at a small curation of some of our participants’ self-descriptions – and maybe give them a follow if you want to learn more:

If that’s all a bit much to follow, Education Faculty postgraduate Krisha Kulkarni made this convenient word cloud for us:

Want to add your own research to the mix? Retweet or reply to the original tweet – remember, its five keywords, or one image. And don’t forget to tag us, @fersacambridge, and use the hashtag #FERSAresearch

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