As this term ends, we would like to take a moment to reflect on two years as the editorial team for the FERSA Blog. We’ll keep this short as there are many other conversations happening at the moment that need much more attention, but we would like to highlight the importance of listening to student experiences and taking their voices seriously as the Faculty at large considers its next directions and steps. 

We’ve had the privilege of being able to read widely across both the experiences of and the research done by students and researchers at all levels across the faculty, curating posts from research methods, to fieldwork, to handling mental health and what it means to be a Cambridge student. These pieces have, we hope, helped to provide a more nuanced representation of this student body. This has given us insights into the variety of realities for students within Cambridge. This blog exists to give a platform to all student voices, and we hope that the faculty, student body, and wider community will pay heed to those pieces that might have struck a chord.

We are handing over the blog into the very capable hands of Yan-Yi Lee, Kelsey Graber, Krishna Kulkarni, and Emily Goodacre. We hope that, as we sit in this time of global transition, that if you find that you have something that you want to speak to, you might continue to say it here. 

Your FERSA Blog editors, 

Seema Nath, Pia Kreijkes, and Michelle Anya Anjirbag

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