As we usher in Michaelmas 2020, we are thrilled to be taking over the reigns of the FERSA blog and to welcome a new, exciting group of academics into our community. We look forward to providing this platform for those at the Faculty of Education to voice opinions and share experiences, both academic and personal. 

The FERSA blog has, for years, been a space to promote discussions of educational research as well as the experiences of educational research students and faculty. It provides opportunities to engage in colloquial discourse, which is fundamental to our practice as researchers and students. As this year’s editors, we will endeavour not only to foster the blog’s long standing role in presenting independent ideas within all areas of educational research, but also to highlight voices and opinions that are reflective of who is represented within our Faculty. We envision the blog as a space to engage students and researchers from any and all backgrounds and to amplify and understand the variety of perspectives present around us. We encourage healthy debate, stimulating discussions, and thoughtful analyses that will respectfully represent the breadth of experience within our community at the Faculty of Education.

We are grateful to each of the blog’s former editorial teams for moulding the blog into the platform we are entrusted with today. In particular, we would like to thank the blog’s outgoing editorial team — Seema Nath, Pia Kreijkes, and Michelle Anya Anjirbag — for the passion they put into their editorial roles, in addition to their support and encouragement over the last several months.

Starting this new academic year in Cambridge is unique and – dare we say – unprecedented in many ways. One thing we are certain of is that the minds arriving in or returning to the Faculty of Education will have interesting and novel views to share as we put our very best collective foot forward. 

Your FERSA Blog Editors,

Yan-Yi Lee

Second-year PhD Student 

Researching language learning and multilingualism

Kelsey Graber

Second-year PhD Student 

Researching play and children’s health

Krishna Kulkarni

Third-year PhD Student 

Researching parent-child play

Emily J. Goodacre

Third-year PhD Student 

Researching children’s play communication

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