Among the many oddities of this year, many of us are unified in the plight of working from home, experiencing waves of high and low productivity that go with it. Standing desks, the pomodoro method, tea breaks, accountability check-ins, long walks, white noise – the atmosphere and vibe around us as we work is instrumental to our productivity.

Productivity while working remotely is achieved differently from when there is a clear separation between Work and Home. Previously, small moments throughout our work days, such as commuting, social interactions, and natural breaks for movement and mentalising provided space for bursts of productivity. These days, the challenge is to manifest those moments for ourselves – amidst various virtual meetings and self-imposed looming deadlines. One way of initiating, or even enhancing, those small but significant bursts of productivity throughout the day is by finding a groove with a bit of music to push me onward.

For some of us, music can provide a rhythm or sense of comfort to write or read to. For others who prefer quiet or silent work sessions, music can be a release during critical breaks in the day. We each use different music, and use music differently, to set our work vibe and keep ourselves chugging along; so, we reached out to the Faculty of Education community to discover what songs or artists get them going, compiling it all into a Pandemic Playlist. This playlist is an eclectic mix – there are fast and slow songs; some instrumental and some with quick lyrics; artists from Israel, America, France, Sudan, India, and more.

Have a listen and let us know what resonates with you, or let us know what else could be added to this mix – tweet to @FERSACambridge using #FERSAPandemicPlaylist or by emailing us on

Featured image by Dmitry Demidov from Pexels, adapted by FERSA.

This piece was put together by the FERSA editorial team by soliciting inputs from members of the FERSA community.

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