Studying Not-Quite-Education in the EdFac: Your Summer Playlist

For one paper, I watched Mulan and Moana about 50 times each in two or three weeks. For another, I ran through several series-worth of multiple Disney Channel television shows. For a different one, I read a book series most often found sold in W.H. Smith clearance houses and ASDA checkout lanes. All of this simply to try to determine where the different intersections of hegemonic messaging to different levels of society might lay, and to garner a better understanding of how damaging messages encoded in media, especially those that harm minority communities, might be addressed by the groups being harmed in ways that encourage media corporations to change. But again, in practical terms, what this really means is that I have at my finger tips and in my head the ultimate summer playlist to get through the dog-days of dissertation writing. And of course, maybe a couple of subversive ways to think about everyone’s favorite earworms, too. So, without further ado, a song for every writing mood.

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